ABS light will be on!

The two most common faults here are indicated by the (either intermittent or continuous) illumination of the DSC warning light.

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Common Faults #2 - Dynamic Slip Control

Dynamic Slip Control (this means your ABS light will be on!)

Here are the two most common faults:

Model: BMW four-cylinder
Symptom: no warning lights but DSC warning light (triangle with exclamation mark and arrow around the outside) pops on randomly and the car hesitates.
Cause: The cause of this problem is corrosion of the rear pickup rings on the drive shafts.
Repair: This can be resolved by replacing the pickup rings.

Model: BMW four- or six-cylinder,
Symptom: DSC warning light is on. When reading the fault memory, there is a fault stored on the internal pressure sensor.
Repair: The pump will need reconditioning.